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Tail Tidy for Ducati Scramber SIXTY2 ( 62 / Sixty Two) '16- models

Radically tidy up the rear end of the Ducati Scramber SIXTY2 models with this R&G Tail Tidy.
Its stainless steel and matte black powder coated construction and design ensures long lasting durability and performance.
R&G tail tidy unit is easy to fit and will radically transform the rear end of the bike, removing the expansive (and often ugly!) OEM licence plate holders - replacing them with a much sleeker looking unit, tucking the number plate underneath the rear seat unit, for a much m...

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Swingarm Protectors for Ducati Scrambler '15-

These swingarm protectors, for the Ducati Scrambler (2015 models onwards, all versions) fitting into the the rear spindle.
Please note: That only the Swingarm Protector are included, the offset cotton reels are not included.

£34.16ex. VAT
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Spindle Sliders for Ducati Scrambler '15-

These spindle sliders mount directly to the rear spindle on the Ducati Scrambler '15- , their expanding design allows for easy installation into each side of the swingarm spindle hollow.

Protecting the swingarm and swingarm components (like the brakes and drivetrain) in the event of a crash or drop.

As well as providing essential protection, they also double up as paddock stand bobbins allowing you to perform routine maintenance and cleaning on your motorcycle easily.

£29.16ex. VAT
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R&G Boot Guard Kit for Ducati Scrambler '15-

This 2pcs R&G Boot Guard kit has been specially designed for the Ducati Scrambler '15-.

R&G Boot Guard kits are available for a large range of bike styles and brands, with new applications released regularly. The unique R&G texture was specifically designed to be durable, providing the rider with a buffer between his boot on the exposed areas of the swingarm which can (on occasion) come into contact with each other during cornering causing wear and unwanted damage to the swingarm or boo...

£16.66ex. VAT
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Completely enclosing the motorcycles rear shock absorber and spring, Shocktube prevents damage from road salt, water spray, stone chipping, dust and dirt.

Patent No: GB2459728

£21.66ex. VAT
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Fork Protectors for Ducati Scrambler

These fork protectors are suitable for the Ducati Scrambler models('15- onwards).

Easy to install, they help to eliminate damage to the front forks, fork bottoms and brake calipers during a crash or drop.

£29.16ex. VAT
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VisorVision Visor Cleaner V2 Sponge

OK, it may look just like a normal sponge or be it cut into a cute looking V shape but that's where the similarity ends between the V2 Sponge™ and the thing that you use to clean the dishes!

The incredible V2 Sponge™; Unlike a normal sponge or cleaning cloth whose fibres just slide over the muck that's left on your visor, The V2 Sponge actually cut into it like little cheese wires and lift it away. Whilst ruthless at removing bug debris the V2 won't damage a visors Anti-Scratch treatmen...

£3.13ex. VAT
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Bar End Sliders for Ducati Scrambler '15-

These bar end protectors have been specially designed and developed for the Ducati Scrambler models, '15- onwards.

Helping to protect expensive levers and handlebars/clipons from damage in the event of a drop or crash or slide.

Easy to install they simply screw into place taking only seconds.

£29.99ex. VAT
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Frame Plug Kit for Ducati Scrambler '15-

This frame plug kit fits both the left and right hand side holes found on the frame of the Ducati Scrambler.

Protecting it from road grime, mud and debris build up caused from all year round riding, which can cause corrosion and rust.

Supplied as a pair.

£14.58ex. VAT
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Engine Case Slider for Ducati Scrambler '15-

This engine case slider for the left hand side of the Ducati Scrambler '15- model.

This product fits neatly and easily to the existing engine case and will provide additional protection in the event of a drop.

Fits the left hand side only.

Designed using the very latest in 3D scanning and printing technology to ensure an exact fit, the product is available in Acetal (Black) or Aluminium (Silver).

R&G Racing engine case sliders compliment the R&G Racing crash ...

£34.16ex. VAT
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Kickstand Shoe for the Ducati 1200 Multistrada '10- and Ducati Hypermotard/Strada 821/939 '13-

Never forget your sidestand puck again!

Kickstand Shoes bolt onto the bottom of the sidestand, to enlarge the original’s footprint by up to 100%, significantly spreading the load placed upon it, to help prevent the stand ‘piercing’ the ground. Despite this enlargement, the Shoe does not affect ground clearance or interfere with the chain run during normal riding.

This particular model fits the Ducati 1200 Multistrada '10-'14, Ducati Flat Track Pro Scrambler '16-, Ducati Hypermo...

£29.99ex. VAT
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Mirror Risers for M10x1.25 Thread Mirrors

These Mirror Risers are made from 6082 T6 Aluminium and are suitable for any bike with an M10x1.25 threaded mirror socket.

Suitable for the Ducati Hypermotard 821 '13- and Ducati Hyperstrada 821 '13- along with any bike with a M10x1.25 mirror mounting point.

Risers are perfect for increasing rearward visibility while riding. This extender raises the mirror by 45mm further up from original.

Easy to fit. Simply unscrew your mirrors, screw the riser in place, and then re...

£11.24ex. VAT
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Paddock Stand (Rear)

Our Elevation series Paddock Stands are modular for easy take down and transportation yet strong and sturdy when assembled.

This model is a Rear Paddock Stand and has specially designed hooks and adjustable arms fully compatible with our cotton reels and spindle sliders.

Made from high quality FE360 tubular steel and powder coated black for a superb crisp finish. Coming supplied with 4 high quality red castors wheels for smooth rolling action and extra stability.

£63.74ex. VAT
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4.5" to 5.5" Round Exhaust Protector (Can Cover)

This Round Exhaust Protector (Can Cover) will fit both left and right cans/exhausts. This protector is a similiar design to the oval supermoto exhaust protector but with a 100mm diameter.
Made in the U.K.

£26.66ex. VAT
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R&G Deluxe Helmet Bag

Take care of your helmet with our R&G Racing Deluxe Helmet Bag!Made from a tough, hard-wearing outer and fleece lining, this universal helmet bag protects against dust and light knocks.

£17.49ex. VAT
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Leather Deluxe Motorcycle Gloves - Black

These R&G Deluxe leather gloves are reinforced with two layers of leather and two protectors on the palm to prevent damage to your scaphoid bone in the wrist. The thumb and index finger are fitted with a non-slip material, the knuckles are Carbon Fibre reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® with padding and are articulated to improve comfort. The long cuff has a padded bottom and a carbon shield on top to protect the ulna (small raised bone at the top of the wrist). The gloves are secured with a single...

£33.33ex. VAT
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Adventure Bike Outdoor Cover

The R&G Adventure Outdoor Cover fits on adventure and touring sized bikes and has been redesigned to include many new features. Based off our original award winning Superbike Cover design and made of the same quality waterproof material, the cover also features elasticated rim and Belly straps as standard ensure the cover stays fixed in place and stops wind, mud or water getting up inside the cover and ensure a tight fit around the base. Front and rear chain loops for security devices covered by...

£46.66ex. VAT
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Front/Rear Paddock Stand Rubber Cups

These paddock stand pads fit the R&G rear or front paddock stand and are for those bikes where cotton reels or paddock stand bobbins mounts aren't available on the swingarm or Forks without front paddock stand mounts and cant be installed allowing you still to still raise the gear of your bike for essential bike servicing and cleaning.

Sold per pair.

£21.24ex. VAT
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R&G 3D PVC Keyring

Easily find your bike keys and be the envy of all your friends with this stylish 3D PVC keyring!

£1.75ex. VAT
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